Huey Group is built on 3 things that are most important to us as a company.....Relationships, Reputation and Results.

RELATIONSHIPS are the foundation to any truly successful company. We work daily to build the relationships that we have among our members within the company. We do this because we feel like that gives our clients a better experience, as they interact with more passionate and positive members of Huey Group during the course of business. We also strive to strengthen our relationships with existing and potential clients on a regular basis. We have a belief at Huey Group that business is more than simply deadlines and dollars, we make it a priority to interact with our clients beyond simply their business needs.

We know that our REPUTATION is what allows us to continue our business and grow upon our history of nearly a decade as a small business. Because of this we take great pride in our reputation and are constantly seeking ways to make our clients experience better and more productive for all parties involved. We feel that our consistent business growth throughout the years has been in large part because of the reputation we have among our existing clients and their recommendations on our behalf.

Relationships and reputation help attract a client, but it Huey Group knows it takes RESULTS to maintain the long term partnership that we strive for. We spend each day trying to work harder and smarter than our competitors, in an effort to provide our clients with a product and experience that is accurate and timely. We feel that our personal education within the industry in the form of continuing education classes, as well as research and adoption of the latest technologies, both combine to create results that benefit our clients as they get a  service and product that they can have confidence in, all within a time frame that exceeds their requirements.


Our business was built on the desire to create a true relationship with our clients that went beyond that of a single transaction or assignment. After over 5 years of working in the Valuation Advisory Services groups for 2 of the largest real estate firms in the country, the lack of a true interaction with the client led to the idea that there had to be a more rewarding experience for all parties involved. Built on the foundation of a wealth of diverse valuation experience and an entrepreneurial passion, Todd decided to fulfill a lifelong goal of starting his own business. Huey Group was originally founded in 2008 and has experienced consistent growth year over year.

At Huey Group we combine our desire to provide our clients a first class experience with our diverse experience, having previously worked with several of the largest commercial real estate firms in the country. This allows us to provide both personal service and a wealth of knowledge to all our clients for their real estate and consultation needs. Throughout the existence of our company we have evolved to offer services that our clients’ have asked for or those services that we felt were under served in the market. Beyond our valuation services we are experienced with helping our clients find solutions to any of their real estate needs. We go the extra mile for our clients, whether this means meeting a tight deadline or working with a complex and challenging property, all while striving to deliver the highest level of service with consistent results.


Huey Group would love to speak with you about your valuation or other real estate related needs. We feel like we bring a truly unique value to you as a client and would love the opportunity to discuss that with you.